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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Rohtak

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Rohtak

A non-profit organisation the Naya Savera de-addiction centre in Rohtak was established in the year 2009. In the time that we have provided de-addiction treatment, the de-addiction centre has created quite a good reputation for itself. We provide unbiased and barrier free rehabilitation services for the people who are marginalised by society due to their addictions

Emotional and mental trauma

The medical staff at the centre understands that people trying to quite an addiction face severe physical discomfort with aches, pains, or other problems. Not only this, but the patients also face psychological issues which have to be addressed along with the physical problems.

We provide counselling to the patients which enables them to become free of the mental dependence on the drugs, alcohol or tobacco products. The physical problems are treatable, but the psychological aspect of addiction is rather difficult to overcome. However, with a hand to hold the patients start to overcome their mental dependence.

Our staff at Naya Savera Nasha Mukti Kendra in Rohtak is sensitive to the emotional and mental requirements of the patients. Apart from medicines for the physical withdrawal symptoms, they also provide the patients with a shoulder to lean on as they are overcoming the emotional and mental trauma that they go through.

Dealing with social stigma

In India it is rare to find a family that supports an addict in their fold. Most of the times the addicts are treated with social stigma and are shunned by not just the rest of the society, but also their own families.

The counsellors at Naya Savera make sure that when the patients go back, they should be able to handle the taboo that is usually meted out by society. It is a record that 90% of our patients are able to get rid of the harmful habit of addiction and live a fruitful and healthy life.

Supporting each other

It has been observed by our staff at the de-addiction centre in Rohtak that the patients respond more positively to mental support from other fellow patients. The inspiration and motivation provided by patients to each other, helps a lot in strengthening their resolve. With an all-around positive atmosphere patients are soon able to become free of addictions.

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