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    Kabirpur Road, sonipat, Haryana.


Q1 Which is the best Nash Mukti Kendra in Sonipat?

Ans:- If your any friends or relatives are addicted to drugs and alcohol, get admitted to Naya Savera Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sonipat. They take care of them and give them a new life. They also provide best treatment in India.

Q2 What are the effects of alcohol on your body?

Ans:- Alcohol leads to physical, emotional and also job related problems. Addiction to drug and alcohol affects millions of people nationwide. There are so many symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse like:- Difficulty in handling your job, Ignoring your responsibilities and spend time with people who consumes drugs.

Q3 What is the best detoxification treatment?

Ans:- Naya Savera Nash Mukti Kendra is one of the best detoxification treatment center. With Detoxification theyalso focused on daily activities such as Yoga Meditation and some indoor activities.

Q4 What are the effects of drinking alcohol on weight loss?

Ans:- When you’re in the grip of a serious alcohol problem it isn’t that you drink instead of eat per se. The problem is that it becomes physically impossible to eat. No, you don’t get hungry, but you still know that the human body needs nutrition to survive (before my addiction kicked in full tilt I once tried to live off Guinness and multivitamins as an experiment, reasoning that I had everything the body needs to survive - calories and all the necessary vitamins and minerals, even taking a strong vitamin B compound containing a range of B vitamins as I knew that alcohol strips the body of B vitamin.