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Nasha Mukti Kendra in jind

How to choose a de-addiction centre in Jind

Choosing a de-addiction centre is a little difficult because in this case you will not be able to find people to tell you about their first-hand experience. This is the reason why you need to conduct a thorough research before you choose a de-addiction centre in Jind or elsewhere.

What type of treatment you require?

The decision to enrol yourself into a rehabilitation centre itself is a small victory in the treatment of your addiction. Now you need to understand what kind of treatment you require and the de-addiction centre that you should choose.

You should choose a de-addiction centre that will not just treat your physical addiction but also the mental and emotional dependence on alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs. The Naya Savera nasha mukti Kendra in Jind understands this aspect of addiction.

The staff at our centre makes sure that the patient does not feel belittled in any way. We do not believe in torturing the patients, instead we adopt a totally scientific and humane method to help them overcome addictions. If you have any doubts about the treatment that you should take, you can visit out centre and talk to the qualified and trained medical staff.

Once you feel satisfied with their explanations and attitude you can go ahead and enrol yourself into our centre.

Encouragement to mingle with others

Our doctors and other staff encourage the patients to mingle with others so that they can motivate each other. At the same time, when the patients hear others narrating their life experiences, they feel that they are not alone in this fight against addiction. In fact, at the de-addiction centre in Jind and elsewhere, we hold group therapy sessions.

In these group therapy sessions, the patients try to help each other, by explaining how they can deal with the stigma and taboo in society. In this manner by creating a positive atmosphere for the patients we enhance their chances of becoming free of addiction.

You can visit the Naya Savera nasha mukti Kendra in Jind where you will be able to see the comfortable infra-structure and the holistic method of treatment that we apply.

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